Picture yourself standing on a carpet of native prairie, with the Saskatchewan summer breeze blowing through you. Glancing down you see buffalo roaming in the valley below, and the sweet pungeant aroma of prairie sage burns in your nostrils. This is part of Coulee 27, a mixture of prairie grassland back-dropped by the picturesque Qu'Appelle Valley.

A place that time and progress has forgotten. This is the place where we trail ride our horses
on natural trails, forgetting about time, worries, and just enjoying the Clear view!

Want to know what's happening at Clearview?

Clearview Arena is owned and operated by Jim and Connie Chaplin, with a lot of help from their children, Trewett and Nola. It is situated on the Junction of number 10 and number 35 South. Just 10 minutes out of Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan; and 35 minutes north-east of Regina.

We open our arena up to all events that you would
like to take place in this area.

Thanks for visiting, and happy trails!